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Panel 1: The top of the panel is cut off.  It’s raining and there is pink lightning coming out of the swirling clouds, as well as Roswell’s open chest. A gruesome, gory, giant and misshapen monstrous Roswell looms overtop of Madame. Roswell begins to ask, “-are you scared of me?”

Panel 2: Madame cries, holding her hand out to Roswell’s long snouts. “Ohh, my child…” Madame says, “What did he do to you?”

Panel 3: Roswell ensnares Madame’s head in her long, toothed jaw. Roswell whispers to Madame, “You should be scared of me.”

Panel 4: Roswell throws Madame’s entire body aside with a toss of her head. Madame is bleeding from her neck, and still crying.