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Panel 1: Roswell is brandishing flyers and yelling at a passer-by. She says, “The ruling class doesn’t want to honor The Others… they want us to live in fear of the skies…! Read! The Azurians are hiding the truth about extra-planar magic!!” Meanwhile, Madame approaches Roswell from behind. Madame says, “It really is you…”

Panel 2: A close-up of Roswell’s pained face as she turns around to look at Madame. Sparks are flying from her antenna, and one of her regular eyes squints open. Madame continues talking, off-panel, to say “…my child.”

Panel 3: Roswell faces Madame, but is backing away. Roswell points and says, out-loud, “I-I don’t know you…” Roswell looks upset and visual-echoes of the words “not one of us” hover around her. Madame looks relieved, holding her paw to her heart and crying slightly, and there is a visual-echo of her old, blue eyes. Storm clouds gather behind Roswell and her antenna continue to flash with sparks and pink electricity.

(Background or Extra Panel?: Behind the comic is the faint image of Roseseed’s lab, with a smear of blood on the floor.)