Station: Starseed returns! I am happy to announce the 3-week hiatus was a success, and I have built a solid 3-week buffer of Station: Starseed comics.

Right now, my other comic, Critter Coven is going on a 2-week hiatus to build a buffer for that comic too. Critter Coven will return in March!

In other news….

I quit my job at the Frozen Yogurt store. I had been looking for other work with the plan to quit once I had a new job lined up, but an unfortunate circumstance caused me to quit before then. I do not currently have a “day job.”

I quit in early February, and have opened commissions to make income during this period. I am also taking orders for tarot card readings.

It has been wonderful to have all my time to dedicate to artwork again, but the old bugbear of “money” is looming over me. Please, if you like what I do and want to see more artwork from me- including comics- consider supporting me through Patreon, commissions, tarot readings, or even simply tips.

I am searching for day jobs, but the more income I can make from my artwork means the more time I have to find a job that doesn’t take all my time and mental energy.

Thank you for reading!!