EDIT: STATION: STARSEED IS RETURNING FEBRUARY 15th!! I guess I read the calendar wrong, because the 18th is NOT a Friday. Station: Starseed will return Friday the 15th and continue to update on FRIDAYS.

“Station: Starseed” and the “Coven Carol” mini-arc will be going on a three-week hiatus. Station: Starseed will update again on February 15th, and Coven Carol on February 13th.  

“Critter Coven” will not be on hiatus, and will continue to update every Wednesday. All other patreon rewards will continue as normal. 

It hurts me to have to do this, especially so soon after a previous hiatus. The truth is, I planned to build up a buffer in December. Due to factors outside my control, that didn’t happen. None of my three weekly comics have buffers, and I am struggling to keep up the pace on working on the comics as well as other art like commissions and Tarot cards, on top of my day job and general life. (Trust me, I wish I could quit my day job but that isn’t a plausible option… for now.)

During this hiatus, I want to continue to work on all three comics, and return with a buffer for Station: Starseed and Coven Carol. When those two comics return, Critter Coven itself might go on hiatus so I can create a buffer for it, as well. I just didn’t want to put all three on hiatus at once- again.

I have faith that, with the assistance of buffer, I can keep on top of a schedule! If I continue to struggle, even with a buffer, I might have to do some serious reconsideration of what I can reasonably promise my patrons and readers I can do. That’s not the case right now, and I hope it won’t ever be. 

Thank you all for your support, patience, and warmth. I appreciate it all so much, and I am so sorry I have to let you all down so soon.