This comic features cameos by Echo (Vexingly-Your’s character) and Rose– my clown friends!

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Panel 1: Madame looks out the door of her wagon-home. Echo and Rose are standing outside. Rose greets Madame and says, “Did you have a good nap?”

Panel 2: Madame smiles, a little smug, and replies, “I don’t sleep anymore. I focus on visions.” Rose looks a little concerned.

Panel 3: Echo whispers to Rose, “Madame is VERY dedicated to the ‘extra-planar’ shtick.” Rose smiles, “Oooh…”

Panel 4: Echo and Rose walk away from the wagon, showing they are in an outdoor circus / fair, and the wagon is next to a sign that reads “Psychic.” Echo shrugs and smiles, saying, “The guests love it, though!!”