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Panel 1: Narration Caption by Polly. “I had only found Rover four years ago.”

Panel 2: A younger Polly is cradling a younger Mini in the junkyard, while a ball of pink-ish flame falls into the distance. Polly narrates in the captions. “There are two types of magic on Nyars. The everyday “planar” magic, accessible to any who wanted to learn. And… the secret “extra-planar” magic, which the Azurians called a myth in public. When I escaped Roseseed, I swore off both of them.”

Panel 3: Polly continues her narration. “When I found Rover, I knew she was magical from the moment I saw her. Magic is trouble.” The image shows a younger Polly investigating the fiery crash, where a younger Rover is crawling out of the crater created. Rover shouts, “Nyars! I am the Rover! I will find the Starseed- oof!”  Polly has another narration caption, reading, “But how can you say no to that face…?”