Set on the planet Nyars, a magical planet populated with the colorful anthropomorphic cat-like species known as Nyans,  Station: Starseed is the story of Roswell and her journey to discover where she comes from, where she belongs, and why so much of her life feels so out of her own control. The comic is a fantasy-adventure comic with a focus of themes of identity, trust, and the feeling of being lost. This comic is intended for readers who are teenagers or older, as it will contain violence and disturbing imagery. New pages are posted on Fridays.

The characters in Station: Starseed started as characters in an art-based role-playing game called Bagbeans by creator Griffsnuff. As Lucheek worked on these “Bagbean” characters, she grew more attached to the characters and their story. Around October 2017, Lucheek decided to re-design the characters as completely original and removed from Bagbeans so she could pursue a full-blown webcomic of the story. Station: Starseed properly launched in May 2018.

Lucheek graduated Cum Laude from the Savannah College of Art and Design in March 2016, with a degree in Sequential Art. She has dreamed of drawing comics professionally since she was a child. Station: Starseed is Lucheek’s second currently-updating comic, being worked on as the same time as slice-of-life humor comic, Critter Coven.

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