Announcement 1: WOWCon

I will be in Dallas, TX at WOMEN OF WONDER CON on March 7th at the Wool Wolf Comics booth! There will be copies of Critter Coven Issues 1 + 2 and Station: Starseed Issue 1 for sale (along with many other wonderful Wool Wolf comic books!)

“WOWCon” is a one-day event, and also FREE- so if you’re in the area, please stop by! Vexingly Yours (owner of Wool Wolf, and creator of Forgotten Roots and Whats Under My Bed) and Ellen Natalie (creator of Furry Experience) will also be at the con!

Announcement 2: “Coven Carol” Completion

Coven Carol, a Patreon-exclusive Critter Coven “Christmas Carol” parody, has completed! The little “mini-arc” is comprised of 24 black(?)-and-white strips. You can read the whole thing right now for just a $2-a-month pledge to Patreon, and also get access to weekly QnA with my comic’s characters!

(I also plan to collect Coven Carol into a physical book and downloadable PDF for purchase at an unspecified later date.)

Announcement 3: Alternating Double Monthly Updates Start May

With Coven Carol completed, I am going to focus my comic-creating energy on my two main comics. The plan is to build a buffer in March and April (keeping a 1-a-month update schedule then.)

Starting in May, I will alternate between Station: Starseed and Critter Coven getting an extra bonus update per month, on either the last Wednesday (for S:SS) or the last Friday (for Critter Coven.) Since May is Station: Starseed’s anniversary month, the first “Alternating Double Monthly Update” will be for Station: Starseed. So, bottom line, there will be two Station: Starseed pages posted in May!

“Lucheek, that schedule is just weirdly complex enough it’ll be hard for me to remember,” you might say. I realize this, but in the end, more comic pages are being posted faster and that’s the bottom line I’m shooting for. I post announcements about new pages on TwitterTumblr,FurAffinityDeviantART, and the Wool Wolf Discord too… so even if you don’t remember what days the updates are coming, I hope I can remind you!

Thank you all so much for your readership and support!!