I mentioned a few weeks ago I got a day-job at a Froyo store. Unfortunately, something was going around through my co-workers, and I got sick for a week. The job itself had caused me to fall behind, and illness got me really far behind… like, no buffer behind. As such, in order to build up a comfortable buffer, I’m editing Critter Coven’s and Station: Starseed’s update schedule for the month of October.

In October, only one of my webcomics will update a week, and it will alternate between Critter Coven and Station: Starseed.  Critter Coven updated this week, so Station: Starseed will not have an update today (October 5th).

Station: Starseed’s next update is on the 12th and then the 26th!

I really appreciate y’all bearing with me through the temporary schedule changes! Thank you so much for reading my comic.